International Short Film Competition Regulations

Sultanbeyli Belediyesi





Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition will take place 15-18 December 2022. 

The Jury may watch the films before or within the competition period.



The aims of the competition are:

● to encourage short film production, 

● to support the development of cinema industry in Turkey,

● to bring together filmmakers and their films with the audience. 




Sultanbeyli Municipality is the founder and organizer of the Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition.



● The submission deadline for the Competition is 11th of November 2022. 

● The competition titles must be completed after 1st of January 2020.

● Short films with a running time of no more than 20 minutes are accepted.

● Submitter can apply with more than one film. 

● Fictional, animated or documentaries can be selected for the Competition. The preview copies of the applicant films must have English subtitles.

● Applicants must add an online secure link (vimeo, youtube, etc.) of title with a valid password in the application form. The link and the password should be valid until December 18, 2022.  If the link or password must be changed by December 18, 2022, applicants must send the new online screener information to the Competition. 

● In case of selection, the Competition reserves the right to use stills and excerpts from the films for promotional purposes, not exceeding 10 % of the running time, or a maximum of 3 minutes.

● Selected films cannot be withdrawn from the Competition program after its participation has been officially confirmed. 

● Films that do not have sufficient technical and legal qualifications may be left out of the program by the Competition.

● Maximum 10 films will be nominated for the competition.

● The films are selected by a pre-jury for the Competition will be announced on the official website. 

● The applicants of the titles aren’t selected, will not be informed. 

● One person from the film crew of each film at the Competition will be invited to the event. 

● The jury screenings will be conducted at the venues selected by the competition board. The screening schedule and venue cannot be changed upon applicants’ request. 

● The Competition Board can make necessary changes at schedule and venue, including online screenings up to the conditions like pandemics. 

● The films aren’t selected for the competition, might be screened at the non-competitive program so titles right holder must indicate beforehand, if it’s not desired. 

● The screenings will be HD digital.

● Application link is (www.başvurulinki) With this application the right holder confirms that all provided information is accurate and correct. 




1) At least six titles required to conduct a competition. 

2) Applicant automatically confirms all the given information is accurate and correct. The legal responsibilities caused by the incorrect or incomplete information is applicant’s not the Competition Board’s. 

3) The applicants are not asked to pay for competition entry or screenings. Free entry only. 

4) The screenings will be conducted within a schedule, determined by the Competition Board.  

5) Any requests from the TV channels or platforms related to the screening of the titles will be addressed to the right holders. 

6) The producers, directors, casts, and rest of the contributors accept these conditions. Applicant is the responsible to inform the contributors.




A jury appointed by the Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition composed of professionals in the audiovisual and cultural environment will decide the winner of the international competition. 


The best short film selected by the jury, will be awarded with:

● A cash prize of 10.000 TL

● An award statue.




● The festival directorate reserves the right to disqualify films not meeting the technical specifications or legal qualifications required and sufficient for public screening.

● The authority of any resolution concerning subjects not separately established in the regulations belongs to Board of the Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition 

● The owners, producers and directors of the titles participating in the competition of the Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition considered to have accepted the rules of these regulations.

● The board of Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition reserves the right to amend the regulations.




I have read and accepted the Rules and Regulations of Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition. I authorize Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition to screen my film to compete for the award. I certify that I hold necessary rights for the presentation of this film Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition and that all rights and permissions have been made. and the title is not subject to any litigation nor is threatened by any litigation. By accepting these conditions, I transfer to Sultanbeyli International Short Film Competition the right to use excerpts of the submitted film, its stills, and trailers, for publicity and promotion purposes.